Take Action

There are a few things that the Nevada Lands Council needs from you to ensure that we can accomplish this historically significant undertaking.

  • First, we need you to join our ranks – general membership is free! Simply sign up using your email, facebook, or twitter account. The more members we have on the books, the more of a voice we will have in Washington.
  • Second, get the word out. Share our information with your friends, especially those who are passionate about our mission, on our "Spread the Word Page".
  • Next, we need your help. If you’re willing to provide your time and/or expertise, please visit our volunteer page and we’ll contact you should we find ourselves in need of your services.
  • And finally, we need your donations. As you can imagine, educating the public and sending representation to Washington is not cheap. Simply visit NLC’s donation page to submit your contribution. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that NLC’s leadership and administration is voluntary so 100% of your donation is dedicated to the mission.

Don't Hesitate - Now is the Time for Action!

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