Stubborn Facts

If Nevadans are going to free the land from their inefficient federal landlord - a land transfer is paramount. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding public land transfers; some say that all public land will be transferred into private ownership or that the state cannot afford it.


Well, as John Adams once said, "facts are stubborn things"; here are a few facts regarding a Nevada land transfer under H.R. 1484.

Nevada's Land Mass Consists of 70.2 Million Acres

87% of Nevada is currently under federal control

H.R. 1484 "Honor the Nevada Enabling Act of 1864" would be carried out in phases.

Phase I will include no less than 7.2 million acres
Of this, approximately 2 million acres (consisting of land already designated for disposal by the federal government and designated portions of the I-80 Railroad checkerboard) would be sold to finance required management divisions of the state lands office

Phase II will transfer the remaining 38 million acres of federal lands
NO acreage will be designated for sale after Phase I
ALL valid existing rights including grazing, mining, timber, water, recreational access, and others will continue to be recognized
In all, approximately 45 Million acres will be designated for transfer to the state (meaning roughly 16 million acres or 23% of the state will remain under federal ownership/management after the transfer)

Federal Transfer Will Include:

BLM Administered Lands
U.S. Forest Service Land
BLM I-80 Checkerboard
Bureau of Reclamation Land (surplus)
Other Federal Land (surplus)

Federal Transfer Will Exclude:

Wilderness Areas
National Parks and Monuments
National Recreation Areas
National Wildlife Refuges and Conservation Areas
Federally Recognized Indian Reservations
Areas of Critical Concern
Military Installations

Annual State Revenue Estimates

Per Acre: $7.78 to $28.59
Phase I Total: $56 to $205.9 Million
Total 45M Acres: $350 Million to $1.2 Billion

Annual BLM Revenue Average (2008-2012)

Per Acre: - $0.91
Total 47.7M Acres: - $31.1 Million

Final Transfer Net Revenue to be held in Trust for the following beneficiaries:

Public K-12 Education
Public Higher Education
Public Specialized Education
Public Mental and Medical Health Services
Social, Senior, & Veteran Services
Public Endangered Species Recovery Planning and Implementation
Local Government Service and Infrastructure Needs

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