Lifts caps on mining taxes within NV Constitution

AJR 1 & SJR 1:

Fundamentally changes the way Nevada mining is taxed.

Removes the net proceeds tax structure and replaces it with a 7.75% gross tax. That is a 385% tax increase on the mining industry, putting mines and jobs at risk.

Counties will not be guaranteed any portion of mining tax revenue. Rural counties rely on these funds for education, health, and the safety of their communities.

AJR 2:

Keeps the current net proceeds structure, but raises the net proceeds from its current 5% to 12%. This is a 130% tax increase on the mining industry. 




Due to the nature of these resolutions and the lack of time left in the current session, it is recommended that you email your comments to every Nevada Assembly and Senate member. Documents have been provided below that you can use to simply cut and paste into your email’s “To” line.

81st Nevada Legislature
Senate Members Email

81st Nevada Legislature
Assembly Members Email

Should you desire to send a physical letter, Assembly and Senate contact information can be found in this documents. 

81st Nevada Legislature
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81st Nevada Legislature
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Dear Assembly Member,   [or]
Dear Senator,

First let me introduce myself, I am [Name] and I live in [Town], Nevada. [Describe in a few lines why mining is important or what impact it has had on you].

I am writing today to express my adamant opposition to AJR1, AJR2, and SJR1 along with any legislation that seeks to alter the current net proceeds of mines tax caps as outlined in the Nevada Constitution. Any one of these legislative measures would undoubtedly cripple the economic well-being of rural Nevada and send it into a tailspin that will take decades to recover from.

Contrary to the misinformation being distributed by special interest groups, mining companies pay all of the same taxes as any other business in the state of Nevada along with an industry specific net proceeds tax. This added tax nearly doubles their tax burden within the state. The more taxes that are required for mining operations, the less opportunity they have for exploration and expansion leaving the future of Nevada’s mining industry in question. If they cannot find the next deposit, then mining in Nevada is over.

It is appalling that this legislation was even introduced considering that no economic impact studies were completed to determine what effects this would have on rural Nevada’s economy. Taking a blind folded shot in the dark on issues that affect Nevadans jobs and livelihoods is irresponsible, shortsighted, and downright foolish. It does not take an economist to realize that if these measures are put into place thousands of Nevada jobs, both directly and indirectly related to mining will disappear. 

For these reasons, I strongly urge you to vote in opposition to the proposed changes to the Nevada Constitution and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Otherwise, our rural counties will quickly deteriorate and find themselves in receivership to the State Treasurer resulting in an overall burden to the State. 


[Your Name]


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