A Message from Montana


At first glance one might think that the Nevada Lands Council would direct nothing but rebuttals and negative comments towards the article published three days ago in the Independent Record.

In actuality, the NLC believes that the protesters at the Capitol Rotunda in Helena illustrate our position perfectly.
Local voices should and DO have an impact regarding state and local policies.

If states proposed the sale of any public land following a federal land transfer, you would see protests and gatherings just like this in every Capitol City in the West…. And the Nevada Lands Council would be right there with you! As a result state legislators would hear our voice and be forced to succumb to the will of the people.
This, tragically, is not the case when federal agencies have control of our public land. One man, utilizing an executive order, can with the swipe of a pen, remove millions of acres from the public domain…. and your voice means nothing.

The Nevada Lands Council applauds those in Montana who are joining in with one accord to protect Montana’s public land …. Unfortunately, no matter how large or loud your voice becomes in Helena, we contend, they will never hear it in Washington D.C.!

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