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Multiple Use


If it's not multiple use land, It's not Public land!

Since 1930 the federal government has removed over 15.6 million acres from multiple use access in Nevada.


This averages roughly 180,000 acres each and every year. If that wasn't enough, Nevadans must continually fight for public lands that are routinely designated for special purposes.


In a State where residents only control 13% of the land, Nevadans have given enough for the sake of national interests.

Lands Removed from Multiple Use Access Since 1930





Bombing Range or

Nature Preserve?

The Air Force is trying to expand its warfare training zone in Nevada, closing off parts of a wildlife refuge.

The New York Times

Senate Bill Would Declare 1.3 Million Acres as Wilderness

The U.S. passed sweeping public lands bill that will lock up more than 1 million acres across the west.

The Heartland Institute

Bombing Range Could Take Bite out of Prime Nevada Bighorn Habitat

The Navy is preparing to remove 620,000 acres from multiple use access - but at what cost?

Reno Gazette Journal

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