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Becoming a support or donor member of the Nevada Lands Council is easy. Simply click on the membership form to the right, fill it out and mail it to us through the post office or email. And this that doesn't suit you, simply give us a call.

Support Members

  • Be updated on the latest land transfer information affecting Nevada

  • Be allowed access to NLC resources located on the website

  • Be alerted when NLC events are taking place

Donor Members

Members are placed on our Donor list when they donate according to the following schedule:

  • Individual

    • Advocate   - $50 / yr

    • Partner      - $250 / yr

    • Champion  - $1000 (Lifetime Membership)


  • Business or Organization

    • Advocate   - $500 / yr

    • Partner      - $2500 / yr

    • Champion  - $10000 (Lifetime Membership)


In addition to General Membership benefits Donor Members enjoy:

  • Priority Invitations to NLC events

  • Eligibility for appointment to NLC Boards & Committees

  • Pride in knowing that they are actively engaged in efforts to "Save the West"

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