What Do Land Allocations Look Like Following a Land Transfer?

Often times when people hear that H.R. 1484 intends to transfer approximately 45 million acres to the state of Nevada they immediately wonder what would be left. Surprisingly more than you might think. As a matter of fact, when the transfer of public land is successful, and assuming there are no changes in any other western states, Nevada will still be among the top twelve states for the highest percentage of federal land.



  • Phase I will include no less than 7.2 million acres
  • Of this, approximately 2 million acres (consisting of land already designated for disposal by the federal government and designated portions of the I-80 Railroad checkerboard) would be sold to finance required management divisions of the state lands office



  • Phase II will transfer the remaining 38 million acres of federal lands
  • No acreage will be designated for sale after Phase I
  • All valid existing rights including grazing, mining, timber, water, recreational access, and others will continue to be recognized
  • In all, approximately 45 Million acres will be designated for transfer to the state (meaning roughly 16 million acres or 22% of the state will remain under federal ownership/management after the transfer)




Honor the Nevada Enabling Act of 1864 Act, H.R. 1484, 114th Cong.

Harris, Riggs, and Zimmerman, “Public Lands in the State of Nevada: An Overview”, UCED, 2001.

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