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... and the West!


Multiple Use Access

Every year in Nevada thousands of acres of public land are removed from multiple use access. At what point do we say enough?

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Wild Horse & Burros

Populations of WH&Bs are at a critical mass. Without intervention, our sensitive high desert ecosystems could be damaged beyond repair.

SageFire-Maybe CR.jpg


For over 30 years wildfires across Nevada and the West have gotten more frequent, intense, and more expensive... but why?


EAJA Abuse

The Equal Access to Justice Act was designed for those who stood at a disadvantage in U.S. courts-It's now become a tool of wealthy NGOs.

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Federal Land Imbalance

One look at a federal lands map and its easy to see how the Western United States has given up far more than our sister States in the East. 


Travel Management

The USFS's Travel Management Plan has removed 1,000's of miles of roads from access - traveling them will result in a federal offense.


Illegal Immigration

More so than anywhere, the West is affected by illegal immigration costing millions annually and making our communties less safe.


Economic Strain

Bureaucratic red tape associated with federal lands continue to stifle both economic growth and community development.


Constitutional Rights

Our Constitutional Rights are constantly under attack. Removing or redefining any of these rights will put our Republic in serious danger.


Federal Law Enforcement

For years, federal law enforcement have run rough shod across Nevada and the West, often times causing more harm than good.


Oppressive Land Managers

Across the West, many federal agencies are managed by tyrants whose only ambition is to pursue their own personal agendas.


Federal Targeting

Want to put up a fight, make a stand? Better think twice, these folks did and as a result have found themselves in the federal cross-hairs.

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