How Does a $65 Million a Year Savings Sound?

Have we just come to accept that we are going to manage our public lands at a deficit? There is a better way. Not only can we save the American tax payer over $65 Million annually, studies have shown that states can manage public lands at a profit. It’s time to get back in the black!


The Pursuit of Happiness Depends on U.S.

Reliance on foreign nations for raw materials subjects our supply chains to geopolitical instability and supply disruption. The possible result; reduced manufacturing capabilities, job loss, an unequipped Department of Defense, and ultimately, an altered way of life. Domestic supplies of natural resources strengthen U.S. national security and ensure economic sustainability.




The Consequences of a Public Land Takeover in Nevada - Don't be Misled.

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) recently created and distributed a flyer designed to persuade sportsmen to oppose the transfer of certain public lands to the states. Unfortunately, much of this information is either misleading or entirely inaccurate. Like the TRCP, the Nevada Lands Council is extremely concerned about the future of American’s access to public lands in Nevada and the West; however, advocating false information will not lead to viable solutions.

The original TRCP document can be found HERE:

Click on document to download in its entirety-



If You Want a Voice Regarding What Happens Within 87% of Nevada - Here Are Your Options:


The Louisiana Monuments?






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