Illegal Immigration

What part of ILLEGAL don't you understand?

Initially you wouldn't expect a topic of this nature to be included within NLC's portfolio of concerns. However the fact is, illegal immigration poses a huge threat to Nevada and the west. Illegal immigrants cost Nevadan's millions of dollars every year while threatening the safety of our families and communities. As long as the threat exists, the Nevada Lands Council will continue to support effort to reduce and eliminate the invasion of illegal immigrants on our land.

Illegal immigration is costing Nevada taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars per year… That’s right HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. According to a 2009 report conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Nevadan’s shell out approximately $630 million to support illegal immigrants who have decided to call Nevada home. This equates to a cost of approximately $763 for each and every native Nevada household.


According to the same study, Nevadans spend nearly $470 million annually to educate the children of illegal immigrants in K-12 public schooling. An additional $45 million is being spent annually on programs for limited English students who are more often than not children of illegal aliens. Nearly 1 in 6 K-12 public school student in Nevada is a child of an illegal alien, and this share has grown as the illegal resident population has grown.


In addition, FAIR reported that state-funded and uncompensated outlays for health care provided to Nevada’s illegal alien population amount to more than an estimated $85 million a year. That is a net cost after crediting compensation from the federal government.


The following are excerpts from Arthur Kane's July 26th, 2019 article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

As many as 1 of every 14 Nevada inmates is an undocumented immigrant and nearly one-fifth of those criminals had prior felony convictions in the United States, showing the felon either wasn’t deported or returned to the country to commit another crime, a Las Vegas Review-Journal investigation found.

About half of Nevada’s roughly 1,000 undocumented inmates have been convicted of a violent crime, including about 150 sentenced for murder, attempted murder or manslaughter. Another 320 undocumented immigrant inmates were convicted of sexual assault, with about 240 of those involving victims under 16, Nevada Department of Corrections data shows.


The undocumented immigrant felons are costing Nevada taxpayers more than $21 million a year to house, but the U.S. Department of Justice reimburses the state for a fraction of those expenses, records show.


“Those are pretty shocking stats,” Senate Minority Leader James Settelmeyer, R-Carson City, said after the Review-Journal informed him of the numbers. “But they need to serve time (in Nevada) for serious felonies. If we send the individuals back to their country, within a month they’re back.”

Assistant Senate Minority Leader Joe Hardy, R-Boulder City, said Congress needs to appropriate more money to reimburse states and make sure felons stay out of the United States. “How many kids could you educate with $21 million?” he said. “How many people with Medicaid could you treat for $21 million?”


National statistics and studies show that undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes than the general population. But the ones who do are costing taxpayers a substantial amount, according to data of federal reimbursements to local jails and state prisons for incarcerating undocumented immigrants.

In Nevada, 11 jurisdictions received a total of $2.4 million in 2017 from the Justice Department for nearly 4,000 undocumented immigrant inmates, according to the most recent statistics available.

In the 2019 fiscal year, Nevada DOC received slightly more than $1 million, according to the state. NDOC estimates it costs about $22,000 a year on average to incarcerate an inmate, meaning state taxpayers pay more than $21 million a year for Nevada’s undocumented population.



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