Writing on a Notebook


How many times have you been to the coffee shop or passing by the water cooler and overheard a group of people griping and complaining about how the country’s “goin’ to hell in a hand basket”? Next time, ask those participating in the conversation, “how many of you have written letters to your representatives to address these issues?” More likely than not, you’ll get silence or the standard cop-out, “That won’t do any good.” Contrary to the common excuse presented here, it can do some good and quite honestly, it will if enough people engage.

Many people believe that their only role in government is to vote every two to four years depending on the nature of the election. This is false! You have a voice and you must actively utilize it if you want to affect the outcome of government. Writing letters, sending emails, and engaging in social media platforms are the methods by which your voice can be heard. Too many times we’ve heard people say, “I want to make a difference, I just don’t know what I can do”. This is it… this is what you can do. Sitting around complaining to your neighbors certainly allows you a means to vent and share your opinions, but it doesn’t do a lick of good when it comes to making an actual difference.  

Imagine if you write one letter a week regarding the issues that face our nation – then, convince ten friends to do the same. If you think that over 500 unique letters won’t make someone raise an eyebrow, think again. Whether your representatives are Republicans or Democrats, it makes no difference – let them know what you think. It’s time we, as red blooded American’s, turn off Netflix and stop scrolling through endless Facebook feeds and sit down and write a letter! 

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