South Fork Road Paving Delayed by Sage Grouse

Once again, the BLM doesn’t have its ducks (grouse) in order costing Elko County Residents another $9000 and delayed utilization of a county road for recreation. Click on the photo for the story~



Recreational Revenue

Imagine for a moment that the state of Nevada could benefit from the revenue generated just from the recreational activities listed in this article:…/shh-quiet-recreation-worth-b…/82666942/

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We Need Your Support!

None of us enjoy asking for money – after all, we westerners pride ourselves on being self-sufficient.

The success of the Nevada Lands Council, however, IS dependent on its supporters.

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There is Power in Numbers

If the Nevada Lands Council is going to have an impact in Washington, we are going to have to have a membership list that will raise some eyebrows.

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