AB 321

Expands Voting by Mail in Ballot

AN ACT relating to elections; establishing procedures for the use of mail   ballots   in   every   election;   establishing   various requirements relating   to   mail   ballots;   revising  the requirements  for  signature  verification  of  mail  ballots; revising   the   deadline   to   submit   a   request   for   the establishment   of   a   polling   place   within   an   Indian reservation  or  Indian  colony  for  an  election; revising  the personal data that may be requested if a voter’s signature is challenged at the polls; requiring the Secretary of State to  enter  into  a  cooperative  agreement  with  the  State Registrar  of  Vital  Statistics  to  obtain  certain  information relating to the statewide voter registration list; authorizing a  county  clerk,  city  clerk  or  registrar  of  voters  and deputies  thereof  charged  with  powers  and  duties  relating to  elections  to  request  certain  personal  information  be maintained in a confidential manner; repealing provisions related  to  absent  ballots,  mailing  ballots  and  affected elections; providing   a   penalty; and   providing   other matters properly relating thereto.



Assembly Ways & Means Committee

81st Nevada Assembly



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Dear Assembly Member,


I am writing to urge you to vote in opposition to AB321. It is my understanding that this bill was developed in order to ensure that all Americans have the ability to cast their vote while protecting them from a novel virus that, at one time, still held a great deal of unknowns and yet had a vaccine to combat.


Many Nevadans, including me, couldn’t help but wonder if this was an opportunity to capitalize on an emergency in order to pass legislation that law makers knew would open up opportunities for deviousness and fraud. Regardless of our suspicions, it is undeniable that this election process would be susceptible to vulnerabilities that the county and many states therein had never faced and yet, had very little time to prepare for. This alone, raises enormous questions as to the overall integrity of the election process within Nevada and the United States as a whole.

Bills like AB321 are essentially proposing to make these changes permanent. If I had doubts about the sincerity of efforts like these, I can tell you that if this bill moves forward, all my suspicions will be confirmed. Mass mail in ballots hold far too many liabilities that challenge the integrity of the election process. If the primary objective here is to ensure the maximum participation of voters – we can figure out ways to do it without enlisting a voting method that is riddled with problems.

Until we can ensure that mail in ballots will not be mailed, filled out and returned by the wrong person, that ballot harvesting will not take place, and that poll workers or other “in-betweeners” cannot alter or discard these ballots, we need to stick with traditional election methods or consider some other method that will eliminate these concerns. If not, the overall intention is clear with this legislation – use what means necessary to tip the scales in favor of a single political party.

As a result, I am adamantly opposed to any legislation that allows for the permanent use of mail-in ballots for any state or national election process.




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